* the BEATLES group signed 1964 tour PROGRAM


the   BEATLES group  signed 1964 tour  PROGRAM

In 1964 Ray Lussa owner of Raydell and souvenir publishing in Manhattan

was commission to produce the program books  for the Beatles 1964 and 1965 tours. Ray also created and printed tour programs for all the biggest concert tours .The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Frank Sinatra ,Elton John ,Billy Joel and so many others .These are later sold on tour and also sold by the Fan Club.

While traveling with the Beatles

Ray had this  purple 12×12″ 1964 tour program SIGNED TO SUSAN a girl from his office.Susan being a big time Stones fan ,passed on  the autographs and left them with Ray

Our consignor a long time client ,made a deal while hanging out in his office.Ray told him that he had programs autographed on the plane with the Beatles while traveling on the 1964 tour,selling their merchandising .


INCLUDED is letter of authenticity from the worlds foremost authority on Beatles autographs/hand written material.Frank Caiazzo

Signed nicely  on the first inside page in person

Like U.S. copies of signed Beatles albums  ,program books are VERY scarce and  desire able.

This museum investment piece also comes with a letter from the consignor who obtained it from Mr.Lussa.

This un-shopped piece has never seen the marketplace.

The consignor  is willing to accept $25,000

or the highest offer \   JULY  5 ,2017  MIDNIGHT EASTERN STANDARD TIME


The Beatles , were on their first full tour of the United States


museum framed






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