* MICHAEL JACKSON’s Psychedelic Stage worn and personalized Shirt



*  MICHAEL JACKSON’s Psychedelic Stage worn and personalized  Shirt

A very  psychedelic and very authentic COOL stage worn Michael Jackson shirt

Purchased in Leland’s Auction house in 2002 .

The  shirt included  a  letter from the original consignor who worked for Michael Jackson.

The purchaser was the owner of Colony Music . This major legendary record store on Broadway in Times Square.The shop  was  a haven and hang out for many celebrity shoppers. SEE MJ AUTOGRAPHED  GUITAR DESCRIPTION Their incredible selection of sheet music ,song books,and vinyl kept them coming .A big collector Michael would stop in whenever he was in town and loved to shop the memorabilia cases .

.On one of his many visits to Colony pre 2005 ,

Michael took his time to doubly personalize this shirt ,creating ‘killer ‘ provenance by inscribing “Stage Worn ” in his own hand and sign his name to this very period shirt.

A chance to own a piece of clothing that Michael actually owned and confirmed wearing it ! On the item itself,

Very unique ;one of a kind artifact .

A letter from the second /consignor who witnessed MJ signing this in person

is included.

Lady Gaga …where are you ???


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