* the BEATLES “We Can Work It Out” IVOR NOVELLO AWARD TROPHY-1965 Parlophone records



SINCE 1955 ,member of the “British Academy of Composers and Songwriters” have annually selected recipients of the prestigious IVOR NOVELLO AWARD .

Named in honor of the famous British composer ,actor and playwright (1983-1951)

They are a highly stylized sculptured female statuette .

The “Ivor” is internationally respected as the PREMIER awards ceremony

to reflect the talent of British song writers and composers.

The British version of the Grammy’s.

At the eleventh   IVOR NOVELLO Awards  1965 ,

EMI records Ltd. was presented the

Parlophone recording of “We Can Work It Out”

this bronze statuette with a plaque on the base

stands 11″ tall and is 2″ diameter

formerly the property of Len Woods ,who was the

managing director of EMI Records throughout the sixties.


condition : overall very good ,paint is worn off wood base


A TRUE ONE OF KIND Piece of Beatles History



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