Its Only Rock N Roll Auction Catalog June 2005


Rock ,Pop Bruce and the Beatles Auction Catalog  JUNE 28, 2005
cOVER OF this 224 page catalog set up like a museum gallery shows
The Doors road case , that Jim would sit and smoke pot on in each show.
The door from apple Records office signed and inscribed/personalized  by Paul McCartney , James Taylor signed it along with Carly Simon who were introduced by Nat Weiss the lawyer who became Brian Epsetins business partner and attorney in 1965 
George Harrison,
Inside cover is Alton Kelley’s logo he designed for the Rock n Roll Trust which never got going due to legal issues…
50 pages of concert posters ,several pages of JAZZ,teh Woody Guthrie Annotated a copy of 40,000 Quotations ….pages for Neil Young the Who, Velvet Underground and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Rolling Stones section, KISS .Joplin, Hendrix, Grateful Dead , Clapton/Cream ,50 pages of beatles,first state livingston mono Beatls ‘Butcher cover ‘sold 50.0000\
Our third super rare Beatles at Shea Stadium corty ,the poster brooke all records,the Beatles Washington Coliseum video master tape which the r&r Trust met with Paul ,Michel Jackon’s ‘We Are The World Lyric which later sold in another auction for six figures                                                                                                                                                                                    
]to make a pay per view for charity  prior to the seller scamming us for a fortune and he sold an undisclosed copy after agreeing and signing a document .
Plus  a pay receipt signed by all four beatles.
We have even got Jerry Garcia’s MAILBOX !!
Bruce Springsteen ‘Tunnel of Love ‘ Guitar ,Castlles’ Earth,Child,Steel Mill, and lyrics ,rare posters,]