Presented is an EXTRAORDINARY and incredibly rare (we have been unable to locate another example) advertising poster for the production that gave America the claim to having originated musical theater—The Black Crook. THE VERY FIRST BROADWAY MUSICAL..
The play (which opened in New York City in 1866) offered audiences a tale involving an evil count, a lovely village girl, a scheming foster mother, and of course—the devil. The offered broadside was printed in Chicago by the Shober and Carqueville Lithographic Company between 1875 and 1883, with the manufacturer’s imprint at the lower right corner.
The spell-binding poster, entitled “The Incantation,” presents the devil and his minions—including bats, skeletons, warthogs, witches, and several lost souls imprisoned in the trunk of a tree. A classic image of the underworld.
Large black letters along the bottom border proclaim, “Kiralfy Bros. Black Crook / ‘Incantation Scene.'”  This prohibitively rare museum-quality broadside measures approximately 28-1/2” x 38“ in dimensions and is in Excellent condition.
This poster would be a significant prize in many different types of collections:  Broadway, American graphics, posters, advertising, etc. This piece belongs in a world-class collection or museum!

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