Beatles Al Brodax Cartoon Strawberry Fields Film Production Notes


 AL Brodax studios in Ct. are the creators of the animated Beatles Yellow Submarine  movie.
He attempted to sell and produced an animated film in 1986.
The movie entitled STRAWBERRY FIELDS and he wanted to include musical performance  of Lennon / Mcartney songs were performed Michael Jackson “Come Together “,Crosby Stills & Nash & Young “Blackbird” , Robert Palmer , Stevie Ray Vaughn “Tax man”, Cyndi Luaper,Cheap Trick “Magical  Mystery  tour”, .Luthor Vandross -Michelle,Siedah Garrett “Hey Jude”
            This wild lot enclosed scripts .,synopsis ,annotation, additions and corrections were evident all alove
Characters on drawing include :Walrus,Michelle,Jo Jo , Jude, the Eggmen, Blackbird ,you get the fool???you get the idea.
Binders are PART 1 & PART 2 NOVEMBER 1986 Strawberry Fields – sequences
The proposals,letters and ephemera; included in -PRODUCTION ad for the movie and the stars
 The content of the material is very interesting and includes some eye opening numbers
Listed in Aug. entertainment magazine with other movies.
IN-PRODUCTION and ready for delivery November 1992