HANK WILLIAMS Concert Poster Milwaukee Wisc.
With his orchestra and Drifting Cowboys
Size: 11x 17″

Hypes “Move it on Over ” MGM records hit

It is what is called ‘ concert  blank’ with space  to
fill in place , time , etc.
vintage cardboard
An authentic vintage tour-blank window card, now 70 years old, advertising the greatest country music artist who ever lived, Hank Williams. “Writer and Singer of the Nationally Famous Hit Song ‘Move It On Over,'” it proclaims across the top. In lovely, unused condition, without the venue information filled in at the bottom.

While vintage Hank Williams concert posters do exist, most consist of text only, and not many are seen featuring a photo of Hank, not to mention his legendary band, the Drifting Cowboys. This poster has a lovely, warm photo of Hank, the band and his beloved wife Miss Audrey, all smiling mischievously.

This window card is usually described as being from 1949, but since “Move It On Over” was a hit in the summer of 1947, it could possibly date that early. Hank had an equally big hit with “I’m a Long Gone Daddy” in 1948 and the monster hit “Lovesick Blues” in 1949, and neither one is mentioned on the poster. So it’s fun to speculate, but 1949 is the overwhelming general consensus.

A veritable piece of Country music history, this piece was made on card stock, measures 11″ x 17″